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Wet or Damaged Document Storage Boxes?

Document Imaging to the Rescue!

So you are thinking about digitizing your records, but you discovered that your storage boxes are water damaged, crushed, or perhaps suffering from rodent damage. Not a good situation …

Don’t worry, Document Imaging of the Southwest has the solution!

Our trained professionals will assess the situation and move in with the proper tools and safeguards and get your records out of the damaged storage boxes and into our secure facility. But the magic does not stop there!

Document Imaging of the Southwest will then use every tool in our arsenal (and there are plenty) to recover as much data as possible; individually drying each sheet, for example. Or using high quality scanning and advanced computer image manipulation techniques to recover documents you thought were lost. Or enhancing and repairing damaged photos.

So don’t despair when you find damaged storage boxes in your storage area … call Document Imaging of the Southwest, instead!

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