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Beware … all scanning solutions are not created equal!

A scanned chart that is NOT indexed does NOT produce searchable records!

Most consumer market scanners produce poor quality scans of diagnostic images, if an image is even captured. Don’t forget it is not just running pages through a scanner – inventory of charts, tracking orphans, removing staples, fixing dog ears and quality checking each scan to verify it is clear is essential to maintaining an accurate patient record.

For these reasons, picking up a couple of high end scanners at the local electronics store could cost you thousands of dollars in lost documents, poor document capture and EHR migration time.

What if You Could …

  • Easily organize/archive/backup all your paper medical charts in one single system?
  • Capture/index/customize everything critical to your medical practice?
  • Access any document? Anywhere? Anytime?

As you consider an Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution are you wondering how much effort, downtime and expense it will take to convert your paper charts?

Physicians are legally obligated to maintain accurate medical records on patients including lab and diagnostic reports many of which come in a variety of formats which require advanced technology for quality image capture.

Document Imaging of the Southwest Provides Our Healthcare Clients With:

  • Immediate access to life-saving patient information.
  • Reduction in billing errors.
  • Expedites the process of insurance claims.
  • Enhanced HIPAA compliance.
  • Elimination of expensive on-site/off-site document storage costs.
  • Disaster recovery and preparedness solutions.
  • Increases security and reduces exposure to liability.
  • Fast, efficient and quality checked results.

EHR Migration

We know that the majority of practices will decide to convert to electronic health records in the near future to avoid HITECH Act penalties. No matter where you are along the EHR transition, even if you have already scanned and digitized your records in house, are they compatible with your EHR platform? If not, DISW has the capability to reformat digital images to ensure compatibility with your selected platform.

Document Imaging of the Southwest’s Process of Imaging for Electronic Document Storage:

  • Integrates effectively with most electronic medical records systems.
  • Indexes information according to practice specific EHR naming conventions.
  • Offers increased quality of care through improved efficiencies.
  • State of the art imaging for lab results, x-ray, ultrasound, diagnostic reports.
  • Reduced payroll costs and workers comp claims.
  • Multiple search fields available.
  • Export and import information.
  • Secure, HIPAA compliant document shredding.
  • Fully Licensed and insured.

Document Imaging of the Southwest
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