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Enhance Efficiency, Gain Control and Save Money with Enterprise Content Management!

Government agencies are responsible for managing public records and record systems, while at the same time, maintaining ironclad information security to allow access to public information. What if it were possible for you to turn your existing system into an efficient, money saving system? Securing your information, decreasing manual processes and increasing your efficiency are principal reasons to invest in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology. ECM enables you to:

  • Manage information electronically for operational efficiency.
  • Protect information to control access and maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Save money and ensure information accessibility to improve public services.

Improve Your Efficiency by Managing Information Electronically

Since 2001, government initiatives have encouraged you to make it easier for citizens to interact with government by conducting business electronically to help eliminate paperwork. Many agencies have implemented ECM! to efficiently convert their paper records into electronic documents and to manage information in multiple document formats.

  • Streamline and automate document routing to increase efficiency and employee productivity.
  • Enhance processing and collaborate easily with multiple departments using electronic records.
  • Efficiently capture, organize and store all email messages in a single information management system for immediate retrieval.

“We saw an immediate response after we implemented PaperVision Enterprise. Productivity has improved 80%. It’s simple to use and simple to administer.”

— Chad Guillot, Research and Planning Manager, East Baton Rouge Parish EMS  

ECM Collaboration

As companies struggle to get control of corporate content, they want systems that are easy to use and configure, but also secure and data breach-free.

Gain Control of Your Security with ECM

Security breaches pose an enormous threat to agencies, which is responsible for protecting critical infrastructure and key information sources. Trust ImageSilo® and PaperVision® Enterprise to maintain control and safeguard your information while enhancing your compliance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Homeland Security Act (HSA).

  • Implement information policies with multiple security levels and assign access rights for specific users and groups, including the public.
  • Securely disclose information by posting documents to a secure, web-accessible location.
  • Track all user activity including completed, attempted or suspicious activities, such as trying to open protected records.

Key Features of ECM

  • An efficient centralized information source simplifies data management and facilitates inter-agency collaboration.
  • System tracking and activity reports improve control.
  • Cloud ECM requires no initial investment in software, hardware or IT personnel, saving money.

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