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Education: NCLB Compliance



With the federal government aiming to increase the performance of U.S. primary and secondary schools and to ensure that all students achieve academic success the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was initiated in 2001. The NCLB asks schools to make all decisions based on the best, most integrated data possible. Every student in a public school must be tested annually, and each public school must reach the NCLB’s standards for adequate yearly progress.

“The tools provided by sophisticated, technology-based student information systems will play a key role in turning vast amounts of raw data into usable knowledge for managing and guiding the education process as required by the No Child Left Behind Act.”

— James Parsley, American Association of School Administrators  

Educational Impact

Under NCLB, states develop their own plan while still collecting, reporting and maintaining the student data and academic progress. These requirements expand the scope of school records and emphasize the importance of records systems. The government allocates NCLB funding for each state, and noncompliance can result in the loss of millions in funding. Schools are now investing in technology that helps them:

  • Convert paper records to electronic data to improve information efficiency.
  • Enhance records control and maintain the privacy of student records.
  • Save money by reducing document management costs.

ECM Enables NCLB Compliance

PaperVision® Enterprise and ImageSilo® provide Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software and cloud services that allow schools to effectively capture and manage electronic information. With ECM! schools address NCLB requirements while staying competitive and reducing overall costs and inefficiencies.

Electronic Records Improve Efficiency

In response to the NCLB, the National Center for Education Statistics encourages schools to redesign data collection programs from paper to electronic, thus improving data quality and increasing productivity. Document Imaging of the Southwest’s ECM! technology simplifies the document conversion process and makes records management more efficient.

  • Centralize disparate data systems for secure yet quickly accessible records.
  • Find student records in seconds and facilitate NCLB reporting with intelligent search.

Uncompromised Control to Protect Student Privacy

Secure information systems are key for NCLB compliance, which requires schools to maintain the security of student data and to protect information from unauthorized access and revision. ECM safeguards data with multiple levels of control that provide protection and peace of mind.

  • Enable customized security rights for every user and give administrators control over who can read, change or share student records.
  • Hide sensitive information within an academic progress report to de-identify records and protect privacy while making records available for use and reporting.

Save Money by Reducing Costs

The accountability provisions of NCLB emphasize accurate, reliable and high-quality educational data, which can become costly. Recommendations include having a procedure for data verification. ECM! allows you to record accurate, reliable and high-quality data while saving money.

  • Automatically index and store computer-generated reports to reduce distribution costs.
  • Switch from a capital investment in software and hardware to a simple, monthly operating expense with ImageSilo®.

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