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Document Imaging of the Southwest Industry Insights

Understanding and Selecting the Right Tool for the Job

Comparing Records Management Systems, Enterprise Content Management Systems, and Enterprise Information Portals The urgency around capturing, managing and protecting corporate and public records has become serious business. New laws, tightening industry...

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Five Benefits of Third Party Scanning Services

Keeps team members focused. Scanning services eliminate equipment overhead and maintenance. Document imaging specialists understand zonal scanning and OCR. Occasional large format scanning no problem for document imaging companies. Secure document...

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Imaging Guide: How to Plan a Document Conversion

Moving to an electronic records system can provide tremendous value to any organization, but it has to be planned and executed perfectly if you are to fully realize this value. The conversion process is filled with challenges, and getting the right...

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Imaging Guide: Selecting a Document Imaging Provider

Your organization is going ahead with an imaging project, and in discussing the in-house vs outsourcing question, you've decided that outsourcing to an imaging provider makes sense. So how do you find the right company to partner with? We've put...

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What is Document Imaging?

Simply put, document imaging is the conversion of paper documents into electronic information. This involves imaging the document, as well as capturing at least some data from it. This data can be used to facilitate storage and retrieval and/or to feed...

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Addressing Paper Pain Points

Every company deals with paperwork. Depending on the business, this necessity could come in the form of customer and patient records, employee on-boarding forms, invoices that must be paid, and more. For years, pursuing the paper chase was accepted as...

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The Real Cost of Imaging: In-House vs. Outsourcing

When you convert paper records to digital images, your organization becomes more efficient because everything gets faster, including the process of indexing, retrieving, storing, sharing and maintaining your records. The question is, should you attempt...

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