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Disaster Recovery and Document Imaging

How do you get your business back up and running when disaster strikes?

From employee misconduct to fires, floods, accidents and more; your business is vulnerable to loss of valuable records and the infrastructure needed to conduct daily business. Are you prepared? Have you thought out what you would do if disaster strikes?

There are several factors to consider when making your plan:

  • Facilities: Where will you set up in the days and weeks following a disaster?
  • Equipment: From chairs and desks to IT infrastructure, you need a plan to get things going again.
  • Your Data: How will you get your systems up and running again? How can you access you old data and begin entering new data? How long will it take?
  • Staffing: How will you keep your employees going while the business is down? What is your plan to find new employees and to get them trained?
  • Operating Capital: How will you pay the bills and still afford to rebuild?

Although it may seem like an expense you can’t justify, high disaster recovery cost outweighs the infrequency of actual disasters. You need to plan for disasters if you hope to survive them.

When you plan for the safety and accessibility of your financial and operational data, you need expert advice and implementation to make the right choices.

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