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Addressing Paper Pain Points

Every company deals with paperwork. Depending on the business, this necessity could come in the form of customer and patient records, employee on-boarding forms, invoices that must be paid, and more. For years, pursuing the paper chase was accepted as part of doing business, but as electronic transactions have become more prevalent, the inefficiency of dealing with paper has become apparent.

For example, how much does it cost to send a paper document overnight? Depending on which service is used, probably somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 per correspondence. In contrast, secure e-mail services can be used for an unlimited number of correspondences at a cost of approximately $20 per year. In the area of accounts payable, experts have estimated the cost of processing a paper invoice can be more than twice as much as an electronic invoice.

That said, the concept of the paperless office is nothing but a myth. For example, even though electronic invoicing systems have been around for years, an estimated 30 percent to 70 percent of most businesses’ invoices are still received on paper – with small and mid-sized businesses often receiving the majority in that format. Even in healthcare, in which providers have been given substantial incentives to digitize records, most hospitals and practices still receive significant volumes of paper from other practices and third-party partners such as labs.

Rather than a problem, for most businesses faced with “paper pain” this represents an opportunity! Through the implementation of document imaging technology, there are clear cost savings and efficiencies to be gained. Document imaging can serve as the perfect bridge between the legacy world of paper communication and today’s world of increasingly electronic transactions.

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